Adjective examples

Trask: In the following examples, the bold italic item is adjectival: my new book (an adjective phrase consisting only of an adjective); a very long opera (an adjective phrase containing a degree modifier and an adjective); the roses in your garden (a prepositional phrase); a copper-producing region (a participial phrase); his damn-your-eyes attitude (an entire sentence reduced . For example: Diana submitted a 6-page document

    لغتي صف سادس حل كتاب الطالب الوحده الثانيه ص 119
  1. example
  2. Adjective Phrase - The books borrowed from class must be returned
  3. [quality – size – color] A wonderful old Italian clock
  4. When dealing with root adjectives that are two syllables, you
  5. The goal is to use the most appropriate positive adjective
  6. eager - enthusiastic, energetic, ready to move forward
  7. loud / noisy / quiet / raspy / faint Adjective Examples